Brand new original XAAR128/80L printhead

Brand new original XAAR128/80L printhead  

Product Specification:
  • Model : XAAR128/80L(blue)
  • Active nozzles : 128
  • Print swathe width : 17.4 mm
  • Nozzle pitch : 137.1 μm
  • Nozzle density : 185 npi
  • Drop velocity : 5 m/s
  • Printhead weight : 15.5 g
  • Dimensions : 37.2 x 40.8 x 1
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Product Details

Brand new original XAAR128/80L printhead

Product description

Whether its outdoor or indoor graphics, barcodes, outer case carton coders or poster printing, the Xaar 128 is compatible with many ink types. The compact and versatile Xaar 128 is used extensively for a diverse range of applications, primarily in the Coding & Marking and WFG markets because of its high print quality, resolution and range of variants.This Xaar 128/80W replaces Xaar 126/80 printheads that were discontinued by Xaar.


Physical attributes Xaar 128/80L Xaar 128/40L Xaar 128/80W(200+)
Colour of insulator Blue Dark Grey Purple
Active nozzles 128
Print swathe width 16.5 (71.6) mm 9.0 (31.0) mm 16.5 (71.6) mm
Nozzle plate Non-wetting Non-wetting Wetting
Nozzle pitch 137.1 µm
Nozzle density (nozzles per inch) 185npi
Printhead weight (dry) 15.5 g
Ink types Oil, Solvent
Drop volume* 80 pL 40 pL 80 pL
Drop velocity* 5 m/s 7 m/s 5 m/s
Pixel resolution (single pass) 200 x 200 dpi 360 x 360 dpi 200 x 200 dpi
Typical firing frequency @ Max DPD* 4.25 kHz 8.3 kHz 5.5 kHz
Dimensions (WxDxH) 37.2 x 11.3 x 40.8 mm

Use for 

Algotex:Streamjet 180




DGI:REX-62, VT-100D, VT-130D, VT-62, VT-92, VTII-62, VTII-62P, VTII-92, VTII-92P, VTIII-98D, VTIII-98DP, VTIII-98DS, VTIV-62, VTIV-92, VTIV-98, VTV-1604, VTV-1606, VTV-2504, VTV-2506


HP:Fresco 1800, Fresco 3200, Fresco HiQ 4C 1800, Fresco HiQ 4C 3200, Fresco HiQ 8C 1800, Fresco HiQ 8C 3200, Salsa 1500, Salsa 2400, Salsa 3200, Scitex Grandjet 2.2M, Scitex Grandjet 3.5M, Scitex Grandjet 5M, Scitex XL1200 2.2M (XLJet 2), Scitex XL1200 3.2M (XLJet 3), Scitex XL1200 5M (XLJet 5), Scitex XL1500 2.2M (XLJet +2), Scitex XL1500 3.2M (XLJet +3), Scitex XL1500 5M (XLJet +5), Scitex XLJet 2 Premium, Scitex XLJet 3 Premium, Scitex XLJet 5 Premium


JHF :Vista 1808, Vista2508, Vista3312


SPRIN USA:SPK-260, SPK-320, SPR-185, SPR-260, SPR-320, XL-185


Squid Ink:CoPilot 128 


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Q: Are you a manufacturer? 

A: Yes.We are wide format printer parts manfacturer and print heads supplier.

Q: Does it 100% original and brand new?

A: Of  couse! All printheads are 100% original and brand new here.

Q: What's the warranty of print heads?

A: We just guarantee all our print heads are brand new and original,no further warranty.

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A: we accept the T/T transfer, Western Union, PayPal. Within 2-3 workdays after full payment is received.

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