High standard quality inspection requirements

1.Five professional production lines, three quality inspections, professional safety, and strict quality assurance.

 2.Leaders conduct random sampling to ensure that all are high quality products


Strong sales team and cargo distribution capabilities
1.Six foreign trade sales teams, in-depth understanding of the quotation for different regions
2.Have international transportation methods, Fedex, DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, SF.And the delivery is timely, the time is short, and the speed is fast. 


Rich customer case

  1.Our customers are all over the world, including factories, agents, terminals, etc. 


  2.We also often go abroad to participate in EXPO,Brazil(Future Print),Mexico(Fespa),Germany(Fespa),Russia, Peru, United States,            Turkey,etc.





Professional service team

1.24 hours online, promptly reply to inquiry

2.Will immediately ship and ship orders, while solving other customer problems

3.Regularly understand customers, pay attention to customer feedback, and solve customer problems in a timely and effective manner


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