Dimatix Samba G5L print head is used for roll-to-roll corrugated paper printing

Published by November 24,2020

The DIMATIX Samba®G5L printhead utilizes advanced silicon microelectromechanical system manufacturing (SI-MEMS) and has a unique parallelogram design on the nozzle plate, which simplifies the splicing of the printhead and can be integrated in a production environment.

DIMATIX Samba®G5L also provides a large droplet size of 30%-45% (3.5-13pL), with a print accuracy of 1,200x1,200 or 1200x600 dpi to provide higher coverage, and produce colorful prints.

The DIMATIX Samba®G5L print head with a width of 43mm (1.7 inches) can be configured to produce compact print strips of any width to suit various printing applications. Its wide fluid compatibility and the broad ink range brought by the strong non-wetting coating on the nozzle plate provide powerful features for inkjet printing and material deposition.

For single-pass optimization, DIMATIX Samba G5L provides fast bottoming, higher isolation capacity (max 4 mm without air assist, 5 mm with air assist), and reduces the maintenance cycle of multi-stage ink recirculation to achieve Extreme downtime.

The DIMATIX Samba®G5L print head is currently used in roll-to-roll corrugated digital printing presses, which can achieve linear speeds of up to 300 m/min while maintaining saleable print quality.